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A group of men wearing white attacked protesters and passersby in Tsuen Wan on Monday, slashing one man with a knife and causing him to bleed. Chan said black china man group of protesters tried to help journalists escape black china man backed away after discovering seeking wives attackers had knives.

The protesters returned to find a young man who had reportedly been beaten up and cut three times on his head, arm and leg.

The victim was hospitalised and received treatment to repair a tendon in his arm, Chan said, adding that charitable group the Humanitarian Relief Fund had extended financial support to his family. Black china man young man after being slashed by men in white Tsuen Wan.

Apple Daily. Video footage shared on social media showed protesters beating up at least one man in white after he was caught.

A man in white who attacked protesters being black china man first aid, after protesters caught him and assaulted. Chan said other men in white had returned to attack protesters but disappearing after police arrived to disperse the crowd.

But it was important to rescue people — how can we count on the police to do it? Black china man North Point, another group of men dressed in white attacked protesters using sticks.

The protesters fought back, causing their assailants to flee. They were seen removing makeshift roadblocks and attacking protesters.

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